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Keratine Lash Lift - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Keratine Lash Lift?

A keratin lash lift is an aesthetics service where your own natural lashes is lifted to a desired curl. This creates the appearance of longer, fuller & more curled lashes resulting in a lifted lash effect.  However, this effect varies from lash extensions, if you are used to the more obvious / volume effect of lash extensions, Keratin lash lift may not be ideal for you


2. Will Keratine Lash Lift affect your own natural lashes?

The formula used is gentle , harmless and non-intrusive. Your natural lashes also shed and regrows following its own natural lash cycle. 


3. Does Keratine Lash Lift hurts?

No. You may even fall asleep during the process. 


4. What is the after-care for Keratine Lash lift?

Avoid contact with water or sweat within the first 24hours of the procedure. This is to prevent the messing up of your lash follicles as the effectsof lash lifting takes more time to set in. Avoid sleeping on one side, rubbing of eyes , clamping of lashes & using oil based facial products during the first 24hours.

5. Can Keratine Lash Lift be done regularly?

It does not hurt your natural lashes and can be done on a regular basis following your own natural lash cycle. 


6. How long can Keratine Lash Lift Lasts?

Usually between 1 to 3 months. Your own lash cycle and day to day facial routines will determine the lastingness. We will advise the after care during your session.


7. How to increase lastingness of Keratine Lash Lift ?

Application of Lash Coating serum can greatly aid in the lastingness. Check with our friendly therapists


8. How long will the procedure take?

Usually within 90 minutes, inclusive of consultation.


9. Can we do Eyelash Extensions RIGHT AFTER doing Keratine Lash Lift?

We do not recommend this as the curled Lash lifting effect will minimise the contact point of your real lashes and the extensions, causing the extensions to drop easier and faster .It is recommended to do lash extension only after at least one month.


10. Can we do Keratine Lash Lift with existing lash extensions on?

No. Keratine Lash lift is to be done only on your own natural lashes. You need to have your lash extensions fully removed before doing Keratine Lash lift. We provide lash removal services as an add-on service too.

Keratin Lash Lift 角蛋白睫毛 FAQ





























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