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SPA Waxing 除毛 FAQs

1. What are the ingredients of your wax? Will they harm the skin?

Our range of wax is made of natural substance, they provide tender loving care for the skin.


2. How long will the hair follicles grow out again after removal? Will the follicles become thicker?

This depends on the hair growth cycle of individuals. Waxing reduces hair growth and hair grows back softer, finer, and thinner. The more often you wax, the less hair grows back.


3. Will Spa Waxing provide whitening effects?

Yes. Spa Waxing actually removes dead skin from the skin surface, leaving the skin smoother, whiter and more delicate


4. Can people with sensitive skin do Spa Waxing?

There will be a suitability assessment prior to the session; we will use the appropriate type of wax to suit the skin types. Should there be any redness, swelling or itchiness we will stop the procedure immediately. Soothing lotion will be applied to calm the skin surface.


5. Is Spa Waxing hair removal permanent?

Waxing is a non-permanent hair removal method that removes hair from the root. Initially, the hair will experience slower growth. Gradually some of the hair follicles will not grow.


6. Spa Waxing or IPL ?

It depends.

Spa Waxing is removing hair follicles from the roots whereas IPL uses heat from light rays to target hair roots, incapacitating it from ever growing again.

In terms of affordability, Spa Waxing is more economical. IPL is a more permanent solution.

However, IPL might not work very well with people suffering from certain skin conditions.


7. Is Spa Waxing painful ?

Pain is subjective in this case. First timer might experience more temporal pain as their hair follicles is removed for the first time. Subsequent visits will result in lesser pain. Overall, the pain is bearable.


8. Can hair ingrowns be removed as well?

Yes. We have dedicated wax and care products to treat hair ingrown. Ingrown care products can be used a day prior to the session to ensure easier and more effective hair removal.

9. Will Spa Waxing cause bleeding?

A person’s hair is in the growth cycle phase 90% of the time. Hence, slight bleeding might occur and this is normal. This is because the hair follicle is in the healthy state coupled with good blood circulation.


10. Can pregnant ladies do Spa Waxing?

It is best to consult your gynaecologist before you have your treatment done, but it is generally safe to do after your first trimester.


11. Who are not suitable to do Spa Waxing ?

 (1) on drugs such as Steroids
 (2) suffering diseases: diabetes, varicose veins, those with poor blood circulation
 (3) skin diseases: warts, pimples, moles
 (4) prohibit the use of AHA or acidic substance one week prior to session
 (5) a week before / after and during period.

SPA Waxing 除毛 FAQs

1請問你們的蜜蠟是甚麼成分? 會傷害皮膚嗎?


2蜜蠟除毛後 多久後毛髮會再長出來? 毛長出來會變粗嗎?


3. Spa waxing可以使皮膚變白嗎?

可以的,spa waxing可以去除皮膚表面的角質層,使皮膚光滑亮白及細緻,搭配美白隔離乳液使用效過更好。




Spa waxing可以將毛髮連根拔起,藉此影響毛囊生長的速度與功效,起初可能會發現毛髮變細且生長的速度變慢,漸漸的一些毛囊就不再生長毛髮了。


















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