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Brow Lamination - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination makes your existing natural eyebrows smoother & straighter, while also setting them in a more vertical direction, giving it a sleek defined look 


2. Difference between Brow Lamination & Eyebrow Embroidery (micro-blading)?

Brow Lamination is a temporary solution , has ZERO recovery time, and lasts between 1 - 2 months. Eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent , has a recovery period of between 7 to 28 days and the brow effect lasts much longer For those who are unsure about Eyebrow Embroidery , can opt for Brow Lamination to see the effects before finally deciding to do Eyebrow Embroidery.


3. Can we perform Brow Lamination & Eyebrow Embroidery at the same time?

No. There should be at least 1 month interval between the two procedures


4. Will doing Brow Lamination affect customers whom have already done Eyebrow Embroidery before?

As long as Brow lamination is done after the recovery period of Eyebrow Embroidery (at least 28days later), it should not affect the effect of the existing Eyebrow Embroidery. In fact, can complement the overall look of your brows!


5. Does Brow Lamination hurts?

No. The formula used is gentle and the overall procedure is harmless and non intrusive.


6. What is the after-care for Brow Lamination?

Avoid contact with water or sweat within the first 24 hours of the procedure.This is to prevent the messing up of your eyebrow hair follicles as the effects of Brow Lamination takes more time to set in.

7. Is Brow Lamination harmful to your natural brows? can it be done regularly?

It does not hurt your natural brows, lasts between 1 to 2 months and can be done on a regular basis


8. Is Brow Lamination suitable for customers with certain facial conditions like oily skin / sensitive / dry skin?

Generally we would do a more in depth consultation before making recommendations. Do check with us directly. 


9. How long does the procedure take?

Generally between 60-90 minutes inclusive of consultation. 


10. Who is not suitable to do Brow Lamination?

Generally suits all except Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers, or persons undergoing chemotherapy.

Brow Lamination 塑眉  FAQs

1.塑眉Brow Lamination 是什麼?




























10. 我適合操作塑眉嗎?


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