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Eyebrow & Eyeliner FAQs

1a. What is Eyebrow Embroidery ?

Having the correct brows will enhance your overall look.

Our True Define semi-permanent & painless Eyebrow Embroidery enhances the thickness & shape of your brows by replicating and re-creating bolder, natural-looking brows.

Using organic dye, the color will not change over time and there is no need to worry about skin sensitivity issues.


1b. Whats the difference between Fog, 6D Eyebrow and True Define Eyebrow ?

- Fog Eyebrow creates the look of eyebrows drawn using an eyebrow pencil, by also applying and filling in color onto the skin layer.

- 6D Eyebrow replicates the look of your original eyebrow, giving it a very natural look using fine stroking method. Suitable for customers with fine or short eyebrows.

- True Define Eyebrow is the latest technique that brings the best of both Fog & 6D Eyebrow technique to create an even more defined and fuller natural looking brows that enhances your facial features.

2. Why True Define Eyeliner Embroidery?

Our True Define Eyeliner Embroidery helps define the eyes making it look refreshed and alluring.  

- organic 

- painless and

- customises the thickness and colour of your eyeliner according to the shape, size & colour of your eyes.

3. Is the Eyebrow embroidery or Eyeliner embroidery process painful?

Depending on your pain tolerant level, the whole process should be painless  and we do apply soothing cream to alleviate any pain.


4. How long will the process take?

Eyebrow : takes about 120-180 minutes, including pre-consultation, eyebrow design, embroidery process and after-care consultation.

Eyeliner : takes about 60-120 minutes, including pre-consultation, eyeliner design, embroidery process and after-care consultation.


5. Why did the semi-permanent color appear pale and not obvious? 


Semi-permanent embroidery process has four phases: Coloring, Crusting, Fading, Touch-up.

The start of Colouring phase to the end of the Fading phase takes about 28 days.

The colour may fade by more than 50% during that period. This is normal!

You will only see the final result of your embroidery after the Fading phase.

Touch up will be required (where necessary) based on individual's skin characteristics.



6. Why is there a Fading phase?


Fading occurs due to various reasons especially natural skin regeneration and various skin characteristics (like oily skin & colour absorption rate). All types of embroidery would need a recovery period, so do be patient =)


7. Will the colour change over  time?

There will be no awkward pigment or colour change. We use high quality organic dye and natural colouring for ALL of our embroidery services


8. What happens after the Eyebrow embroidery & Eyeliner Embroidery procedure?

Eyebrow Embroidery

- 1st to 6th day: Eyebrows will appear darker. This is normal.  Daily cleansing routine as per normal. Do not attempt to pick off any scabs that may have formed. Eyebrows begin to peal and heal into a more natural colour tone. 

- Day 7 onwards : The peel & heal process is finished. Fading of colour to a lighter shade is normal during the first 28 days due to the fading phase. 


- Can schedule a touch up session after the initial session within 30-120 days to achieve a better effect.

Eyeliner Embroidery

- Avoid rubbing the eyeliner area or picking off any scabs that may form.

- Also avoid applying fake eyelash or lash extension within first 7 days of eyeliner embroidery.

- Fading of colour is normal during the first 28 days due to the fading phase. 

Can schedule a touch up session after the initial session within 30-120 days to achieve a better effect.

9. Who is not suitable to do embroidery?

Diabetic people and those suffering from Keloid (overgrowth of scar tissue) are not suitable. Pregnant ladies are also not advisable to do. Customers who are unwell on that day should feedback to us as well. 

眉毛 眼線 FAQs

1. 粉刷霧眉、6D 飄眉 及True Define飄霧眉毛的分別?


- 粉刷霧眉 好像是畫眉粉的感覺,將整個眉毛填滿色料。

- 6D飄眉 是一條一條仿真度極高的技術 , 創造出來是根根分明的感覺,比較適合眉毛少的人。

- True Define飄霧眉毛是結合粉刷霧眉及6D 飄眉,更立體丶自然丶更有層次感。

2. TRUE DEFINE眼線的好處?


3. 繡眉 / 眼線 是否很痛?


4. 過程需要多少時間?


眼線 : 全程約60-120分鐘,包含填寫資料、溝通、操作時間及回家注意事項.

5. 為什麼做了半永久,顏色很淡不明顯?什麼叫半永久化妝返色期?


半永久過程分為四個部分:上色,結痂,返色,補色。 很多人發現永久脫痂之後,顏色很淡甚至沒有顏色。不用擔心,半永久脫痂後顏色很淡就是由於第三部分返色期所致。半永久從上色至返色三個階段正常期限是28天左右結束,皮膚深層顏色會逐漸顯現出來,如果線條顏色不明顯或顏色太淺,就可以進行補色微調處理了!


6. 為什麼會返色呢?




7. 顏色會變色嗎?


8. 紋繡後要注意什麼?


  • 第1~6天: 眉毛開始脫痂及淡色變自然,可以輕清洗到眉毛部位。洗完要吸乾眉毛部位的水份。去角質 / 磨砂膏 避開操作部位。

  • 第7天:眉毛等待自然脫落, 嚴禁搓揉撕拉幾乎完畢,完成整個修護程序,洗臉化妝可恢復正常。如需補色等28天後就可以回來補。

  • 半永久紋繡上色至返色三個階段正常期限是28天左右結束,皮膚深層顏色會逐漸顯現出來。

  • 第一次操作眉毛,皮膚留色略有不同,通常建議 30-120天内,進行二次補色,效果更佳。



  • 結痂過程不能剝除痂皮,避免上色不均。不要搓揉眼睛。

  • 當天即可正常洗臉上妝,但必須避開眼部。眼線脫痂後才能畫眼妝,脫痂期約3至6天。
  • 一週內禁止貼假睫毛、接睫毛。
  • 半永久紋繡上色至返色三個階段正常期限是28天左右結束,皮膚深層顏色會逐漸顯現出來。
  • 第一次操作眼線,皮膚留色略有不同,通常建議 30-120天內,進行二次補色,效果更佳。

9.  什麼人不可以做?


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