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Eyelash FAQs

1. What is the difference between Individual eyelash extension and Cluster lash extension? 

Individual eyelash extension (a.k.a Single lash / Strand by Strand / 1D / 3D ) is applied strand by strand onto your real eyelash, avoiding the eyelids altogether.


Cluster lash extension ( a.k.a Eyelash planting) is planted directly onto your eyelids, causing the pores on your eyelids to be blocked, which might result in clogged pores.

2. What is the difference between Classic 3D Individual Lash Extension and our Signature 6D True Volume lash extensions ? 

Classic 3D Individual (typical last between 3-5 weeks)

Using single lash (strand by strand technique ) to apply individually onto your real eyelash, creating a Mascara effect look. 

Signature 6D True Volume (typical last between 4-7 weeks)

Improvised advanced layering technique that also uses finer and softer lashes (that feels like your own lashes) , to create a more comfortable and versatile look (ranging from Everyday-look to Voluminous effect ).

* Requires a higher level of skill and expertise

3. What causes the lash extensions to drop faster than usual? 

- time taken for eyelash extension to drop is according to personal habits and individual eyelash growth cycle.

- usually, no standard time frame which your lashes will drop off.

- touch up recommended every 14 to 21 days as maintenance . 

4. Will I feel any discomfort during the eyelash extension process? 

Typically, there is no discomfort or pain during the procedure. If encountered, please inform the beautician immediately in order for us to assess the condition. ​

5. How to take care of your eyelash extension? 

Apply our Perfect coating serum to enhance durability of your eyelash and avoid oil based products. Sleeping and lifestyle habits can also affect the longevity of your lash extensions.


1. 接睫毛與種睫毛有甚麼不同? 
2.  3D 及 6D的差別是什麼?
3D : 以單根手法嫁接於真睫毛上,嫁接效果根根分明。(看根數,可耐3-5星期)
6D : 以細毛用開花手法嫁接於真睫毛上,效果較蓬鬆有厚度。(看根數,可耐4-7星期)

3. 為什麼我嫁接的睫毛掉這麼快?

嫁接睫毛後依照個人習慣以及生長週期關係,造成掉落的程度也會有所不同. 我們也將提供後續保養的方法來延長嫁接睫毛壽命。

4. 嫁接睫毛過程中眼睛會有不舒服的感覺嗎?​



5. 要如何保養嫁接過後的睫毛?



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